JLG Engine Powered Boom Lifts

Looking for a cherry picker? Then you’re in need of a piece of equipment with a hydraulic boom and a platform at the end to raise and lower people.

Our engine powered boom lifts, known to some as cherry pickers, give you the reach and power necessary for the best outdoor performance. Boom lift specifications vary widely, so it’s important to understand the needs of a particular job before specing out your equipment. 


Both articulating boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts can tackle tough jobs. A telescopic boom lets you reach farther with more capacity, putting you right where you need to be as simply and efficiently as possible. But, if the job requires you to get up and over objects, you need an articulating boom lift.

Key Features

Low-Level Access
Stock Pickers
Vertical Lifts
Scissor Lifts
Engine Powered Boom Lifts
Electric & Hybrid Boom Lifts
Lighting Towers

JLG Engine Powered Boom Lift Specsheets

Articulating Boom Lifts

340AJ 12.33 m10.33 m6.06 m230 kg
450AJ 15.77 m13.72 m7.62 m249.50 kg
520AJ 18 m16 m10 m250 kg
600AJ 20.46 m18.46 m12.10 m230 kg
600AJ HC3 20.51 m18.51 m12.37 m300 kg
800AJ 26.38 m24.46 m15.74 m230 kg
800AJ HC3 26.38 m24.50 m15.95 m300 kg
1250AJP 40.30 m38.30 m19.25 m230 kg
1500AJP 48.15 m46.15 m23.55 m270 kg

Telescopic Boom Lifts

460SJ 16.09 m14.02 m12.34 m270 kg
460SJ HC3 16.04 m14.04 m12.18 m300 kg
660SJ 22.02 m20.02 m17.40 m250 kg
660SJ HC3 22.10 m20.10 m17.41 m300 kg
860SJ 28.21 m26.21 m22.86 m230 kg
860SJ HC3 28.21 m26.21 m22.86 m230 kg
1200SJP 38.73 m36.73 m22.86 m230 kg
1350SJP 43.30 m41.30 m24.38 m230 kg
1500SJ 47.72 m45.72 m24.38 m230 kg
1850SJ 58.56 m56.56 m24.38 m230 kg
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