DIGGA Attachments is Australia's leading machinery attachment manufacturer est. 1981

Extensive product range

With over 80 different attachments, extensive wear part and spare parts servicing, Digga have the solution to all your attachment needs to suit most machine types. Incorporating Digga’s Australian made planetary gearboxes, our extensive product range is designed and manufactured for Australian conditions, providing you with quality, versatility, competitive pricing and factory backed warranty.

Digga is Australia’s largest manufacturer of planetary gearboxes producing world class gearboxes for some of the world’s leading earthmoving companies.

Australian owned

Digga Australia is proudly 100% Australian privately owned, employing over 300 personnel in 3 company owned facilities throughout Australia. Our 12,500sqm main manufacturing facility in Brisbane boasts the ability to produce up to 80% of our componentry in-house.
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Excavator Augers

Premium Drilling Augers & Auger Drives

Micro Excavator Auger Drives 750Kg-2T

Flow: 15 – 55Lpm
Maximum Pressure: 240Bar

Mini Excavator Auger Drives 2T-5T

Flow: 30 – 115Lpm
Maximum Pressure: 240Bar

Excavator Auger Drives 5T-10T

Flow: 30 – 115Lpm
Maximum Pressure: 240Bar

Excavator Auger Drives 10T-20T

Flow: 70 – 230Lpm
Maximum Pressure: 240Bar

Excavator Auger Drives 20T-50T

Flow: 70 – 230Lpm
Maximum Pressure: 240Bar

HALO - The future of drilling

HALO is an alignment system located in the hood ring of the auger drive, which provides an operator with a simultaneous clear line of sight to itself, as well as the hole being dug. HALO utilises a band of LED lights, which when fully illuminated green, indicate the drive is plumb. If the drive moves from its plumb position, a sequence of red and green lights will be lit to effortlessly guide the operator back to plumb. Halo is currently available for Digga PDD-PD50 auger drives, and 2 speed Digga auger drives.

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Highly visible indicator

Halo features recessed high accuracy inclination green and red LED indicators, which can be clearly seen in daylight. With Halo, there in no need for an in-cab display screen, and no need to take your eyes off the job to realign your auger.

No setup (battery option)

Halo can be connected to the in-cab cigarette lighter, or powered by a magnetised rechargeable battery which will last all day, and can be charged via USB or a 240V wall charger. The battery pack can be attached to the drive hood, frame, machine boom, or placed in-cab.

Set angle of inclination

The battery powered option features a 'zeroing' function which lets the operator set the angle of inclination with the press of a button. This feature is ideal for the installation of shade sails.


HALO utilises a microprocessor and 6 sensors to provide accurate readings to +/- 0.25 degrees - Even under heavy vibration. Effectively eliminating the need for a spotter with a spirit level. The dust/water proof LED ring is also recessed into the hood to protect it from knocks.

Machines up to 5T

4 Series Auger


Machines 5-10T

6 Series Auger


Machines 10-30T

8 Series Auger


Machines 20-50T

10/11 Series Auger


Continuous Flight

CFA Auger


Tapered Rock

Heavy Duty Rock Auger


Auger Extensions

Machines up to 30T

Length: 1000mm-2500mm

Skid Steer Loader Attachments

Premium Australian Made Skid Steer attachments

Dozer Blade

Cement Mixer

4 in 1 Bucket

Broooms Bucket

Trenchers By Digga

Stump Grinder

Stick Rake

Spreada Bars

Slasher By Digga

Road Profiler

Pallet Forks


Loading Ramps

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