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The Shogun is powered by the recently developed Daimler OM470 11-litre in-line six-cylinder common rail engine which features a special pressure booster and an asymmetric turbocharger that helps deliver more pulling power lower in the rev range. A key feature of the power unit is a potent decompression engine brake with up to 340kW of force.
The Shogun features the latest electronic safety systems and comfort features including adaptive cruise control (Proximity Control Assist) with stop and go function for heavy traffic, Advanced Emergency Braking, which can even initiate braking for moving pedestrians, Lane Departure Warning and Electronic Stability Control.
fuso shogun

Key Features


Fuso Shogun Specsheets

FP74 4x2 Prime Mover photo of FP74 4x2 Prime Mover290kW/2000NmAMT16500kg/40000kg3.8 metres
FV74 6x4 Prime Mover FV74 6x4 Prime Mover335kW/2200NmAMT24000kg/63000kg3.91 metres
FV70 6x4 MWB Mech. Susp. FV70 6x4 MWB Mech. Susp.290kW/2000Nm - 335kW/2200NmAMT25400kg/53000kg4.3 metres
FV74 6x4 MWB Air Susp. FV74 6x4 MWB Air Susp.335kW/2200NmAMT24000kg/53000kg4.3 metres
FV74 6x4 XLWB Air Susp. FV74 6x4 XLWB Air Susp.290kW/2000NmAMT24000kg/53000kg6.38 metres
FS72 8x4 FS72 8x4290kW/2000Nm - 335kW/2200NmAMT30800kg/53000kg5.87 metres
FS74 8x4 FS74 8x4290kW/2000Nm - 335kW/2200NmAMT30800kg/53000kg5.87 - 6.72 metres
FU74 6x2 XXLWB FU74 6x2 XXLWB260kW/1400NmAMT25000kg/25000kg6.545 metres
FV74 6x4 XXLWB FV74 6x4 XXLWB260kW/1400NmAMT25000kg/25000kg6.545 metres
FV74 6X4 510 Prime Mover fuso 510 prime mover photo375kW/2500NmAMT26000kg/63000kg3.91 metres
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