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ASV’s Posi-Track Compact Track Loaders come in six sizes plus a special forestry configuration. Each model is designed from the ground up to run on a rubber track undercarriage, unlike most other brands that are skid steer loaders re-configured to run on tracks.

The difference is ASV Compact Track Loaders give you better performance, better balance and have higher ground clearance so you can work more productively in a wider range of ground conditions.

The Original Compact Track Loader

Every ASV Posi-Track machine is designed from the ground up to run on a unique and highly durable rubber track undercarriage, unlike most brands that re-configure wheeled skid-steer loaders to run on tracks.


ASV machines are designed to help you work in more places and in more conditions so you can get more done every day and are respected for their power, performance and serviceability.


Why Choose an ASV Posi-track Loader

The ASV brand has long been known for world-class compact track loaders. For more than thirty-five years, ASV has led the way with superior machine designs and innovations.



Each ASV machine gives you:

  • Best in class traction performance and speed.
  • Industry leading ground clearance.
  • Unparalleled performance in any condition.
  • World-class operator stations.
    Industry leading serviceability for the highest productivity.

Unique Posi-Track Undercarriage

What sets ASV Posi-Track loaders apart from other loaders is something ASV invented: the unique Posi-Track undercarriage. ASV’s patented undercarriage technology is designed to give you more traction, speed and performance in any environment, plus reduced service and ownership costs.


The unique rubber-on-rubber wheel-to-track contact points and fully suspended frames reduce wear and tear on the machine and track while also improving ride quality. A specialised platform provides owners and operators with increased traction, flotation, ground clearance, stability, and overall capability.

Rubber Tracks
ASV tracks feature rubber construction with embedded high-tensile poly-cords that run the length of the track to prevent the track from stretching and derailing.
Drive System
Independent drive motors turn sprockets that engage the drive lugs on the inside of the rubber tracks. The low-friction design maximizes power transfer, conserving engine power for other machine functions.
Roller Wheels
ASV roller wheels (up to 48 rollers on our largest model) distribute weight evenly across a large ground contact area, minimizing ground pressure and increasing traction.
Undercarriages on ASV compact track loaders are mounted to torsion axles which suspend machine weight and allow controlled movement up and down.
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