ASV Posi-Track Loaders

Unparalleled performance in any condition.

ASV’s Posi-Track Compact Track Loaders come in six sizes plus a special forestry configuration.

Each model is designed from the ground up to run on a rubber track undercarriage, unlike most other brands that are skid steer loaders re-configured to run on tracks.

The difference is ASV Compact Track Loaders give you better performance, better balance and have higher ground clearance so you can work more productively in a wider range of ground conditions.
picture of asv max series vt-70

Key Features

Posi-Track Loader Specsheets

RT-25 ASV rt-2524.7 hp3.1 psi1703 kg862 kg
RT-40 asv rt-4037.5 hp3.5 psi1894 kg1206 kg
RT-50 ASV RT-5049.6 hp3.1 psi2427 kg1814 kg
RT-60 asv rt-6060 hp3.7 psi2957 kg2072 kg
RT-60 2-Speed asv rt-60 2-SPEED60 hp3.9 psi3143 kg2463 kg
RT-65 asv rt-6567 hp4.2 psi3393 kg2495 kg
RT-65 MAX-Series asv rt-65 max67 hp4.2 psi3393 kg2495 kg
VT-70 MAX-Series VT-70 MAX-Series74.3 hp4.5 psi3465 kg3030 kg
VT-70 High Output VT-70 High Output74.3 hp4.5 psi3465 kg3030 kg
RT-75 asv RT-7574 hp3.5 psi4110 kg3564 kg
RT-75 MAX-Series RT-75 MAX-Series 74 hp3.5 psi4110 kg3564 kg
RT-75HD RT-75HD 74 hp3.6 psi4178 kg3629 kg
RT-75HD MAX-Series RT-75HD MAX-Series74 hp3.6 psi4178 kg3629 kg
RT-120 asv RT-120120 hp4.4 psi5110 kg4581 kg
RT-120 Forestry asv RT-120 Forestry120 hp4.3 psi5559 kg4853 kg
RT-135 Forestry asv RT-135 Forestry132 hp4.6 psi5892 kg5379 kg
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