JLG Scissor Lifts

JLG® scissor lifts deliver long lasting performance for a more productive day.
This type of aerial work platform is ideal for indoor or outdoor construction or maintenance tasks. Choose from electric scissor lifts with longer runtime or engine powered scissor lifts for durability on rough terrain.

Key Features

Low-Level Access
Stock Pickers
Vertical Lifts
Scissor Lifts
Engine Powered Boom Lifts
Electric & Hybrid Boom Lifts
Lighting Towers

JLG Scissor Lift​ Specsheets


ES1330L 0.76 m3.80 m5.82 m227 kg
ES1530L 0.76 m4.50 m6.50 m227 kg
ES1932 0.81 m5.80 m7.62 m230 kg
ES2632 0.81 m6.40 m9.75 m230 kg
ES3246 1.17 m9.80 m11.58 m507 kg
R1932 0.81 m5.80 m7.80 m230 kg
R2632 0.81 m6.40 m9.77 m230 kg
R3246 1.17 m9.80 m11.75 m320 kg
R4045 1.14 m1.40 m (lowered)13.96 m350 kg
ERT2669 1.76 m8 m10 m680 kg
ERT3369 1.76 m10 m12 m453 kg
ERT4069 1.76 m12.30 m14.30 m363 kg
ERT4769 1.76 m14.30 m16.30 m363 kg

Engine Powered

RT2669 1.76 m8 m10 m680 kg
RT3369 1.76 m10 m12 m454 kg
RT3394 2.35 m10 m12 m909 kg
RT4069 1.76 m12.30 m14.03 m363 kg
RT4394 2.35 m13.11 m15.11 m568 kg
RT4769 1.76 m14.30 m16.30 m363 kg
RT5394 2.31 m16.20 m18.15 m680 kg
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