Kobelco Large Excavators

The ace of excavators
Powerful, agile and quiet – three words that sum up the range from Kobelco. Renowned for its small rear-swing, this isn’t the only area where this machine shines; it also boasts greater performance capacity, improved cost efficiency and features designed with the environment in mind. These features give Kobelco some great advantages over Bobcat, Kubota, Yanmar, Caterpillar, Volvo, Case, Komatsu and Sumitomo.

New arm interflow system in Kobelco dash 10 models 
When lowering the boom, the new arm interflow system uses the downward force generated by the boom’s weight to push fluid to the shovel arm. This greatly reduces the need to apply power from outside the system.

Key Features

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Recycling Excavators

Kobelco Large Excavator Specsheets

SK180-10 SK180-10100 kW18,800 kg5.99 m126 kN
SK200-10 SK200-10118 kW20,700 kg6.7 m157 kN
SK210LC-10 SK210LC-10118 kW21,100 kg6.7 m157 kN
SK210LC-10 High and Wide SK210LC-10 High and Wide118 kW25,100 kg6.36 m157 kN
SK225SR-2 SK225SR-2118 kW22,500 kg6.59 m132 kN
SK225SRLC-2 SK225SRLC-2"118 kW22,900 kg6.59 m132 kN
SK225SR-5 SK225SR-5124 kW23,100 kg6.58 m132 kN
SK230SRLC-5 SK230SRLC-5124 kW23,500 kg6.58 m132 kN
SK235SR-2 SK235SR-2118 kW24,300 kg6.65 m157 kN
SK235SR-5 SK235SR-5124 kW24,900 kg6.65 m157 kN
SK235SRLC-2 SK235SRLC-2118 kW24,900 kg6.50 m157 kN
SK250-10 SK250-10137 kW25,100 kg7.0 m187 kN
SK260LC-10 SK260LC-10137 kW25,700 kg7.0 m187 kN
SK260LC-10 High and Wide SK260LC-10 High and Wide137 kW29,000 kg6.66 m187 kN
SK270SRLC-5 SK270SRLC-5124 kW25,400 kg6.65 m157 kN
SK300LC-10 SK300LC-10185 kW30,500 kg7.2 m208 kN
SK300LC-10 High and Wide SK300LC-10 High and Wide185 kW34,100 kg6.89 m208 kN
SK330-10 SK330-10209 kW35,200 kg7.56 m244 kN
SK350LC-10 SK350LC-10209 kW35,900 kg7.56 m244 kN
SK350LC-10 High and Wide SK350LC-10 High and Wide209 kW38,600 kg7.24 m244 kN
SK380SRLC SK380SRLC200 kW36,800 kg6.99 m208 kN
SK380XDLC SK380XDLC209 kW37,700 kg7.56 m244 kN
SK500LC-10 SK500LC-10257 kW51,600 kg7.81 m292 kN
SK500XDLC SK500XDLC257 kW52,200 kg7.81 m293 kN
SK850LC SK850LC380 kW80,800 kg8.90 m403 kN
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