Doherty Couplers & Attachments design and manufacture the fully compliant D-Lock coupler, and other quality earthmoving attachments.

Who is Doherty Couplers & Attachments?

We design manufacture and distribute world-leading, high-quality earthmoving attachments for the construction, demolition, quarrying and mining industries world-wide.

Ensuring our earthmoving attachments are reliable, safe and simple; we deliver on time and always strive to exceed our customer’s expectations with both product and after sales service.

Design and Manufacture

We use the latest 3D Solid Modelling CAD software to ensure our designs are effective, fit for purpose and most important, safe. This state-of-the-art software allows us to respond quickly to customer demands for specialised and custom products and provides our customers with reliable, cost-effective solutions.

D-Lock Hydraulic Coupler

The simple design of the D-Lock Hydraulic combined with the world leading safety features makes the D-Lock Hydraulic the safest coupler on the market today. The D-Lock Coupler is dual locking, meaning attachments remain securely engaged on both pins in the event of loss of engagement force.
Compliant with Australian standard AS4772-2008, European standard EN474 and all major contractor policies. Compact design with only two hoses, minimal moving parts, no greasing and no complicated operating sequence to follow are just a few of the features which put the D-Lock at the forefront of coupler performance worldwide.

Snaplock+ Coupler: Features

Snaplock+ Coupler is the most reliable, safe, cost effective and user friendly coupler on the global market:

  • Automatic front lock – Locks the front pin in the event the rear pin is not secured
  • Multi pin centre, picks up all attachments in the same weight class with the same pin diameter
  • Highly visible front lock indicator
  • Safety system does not rely on gravity
  • Dual pin lock – Locks both front and rear pins in the event of loss of engagement force
  • Unlock process is designed to release only when the operator intends to do so, in a controlled and safe manner
  • Simple yet safe unlock procedure eliminates accidental releases
  • Only requires two hydraulic lines
  • Compact design – Improving machine performance
  • No greasing or lubrication required

D-Lock Tilt

When Productivity is Paramount Demand the D-Lock tilt.
Compact in design, powerful and virtually maintenance free, the D-Lock Tilt Coupler incorporating a precision built actuator ensures trouble free operation.
  • Integral overload protection
  • Simplified connections and controls
  • Fully guarded hoses
  • No unwanted movement
  • Up to 180 degrees of tilt
  • Actuator only has two moving parts and is triple sealed.

D-Lock Tilt​ Features

The D-Lock is standard on the D-Lock Tilt and available for use on all Tiltrotators.
  • Compact design – improving machine performance
  • Simplified connections and controls
  • No unwanted movement
  • Actuator only has two moving parts and is triple sealed
  • Only requires four hydraulic lines
  • Integral overload protection standard from 4 tonne upwards
  • Fully guarded hoses
  • Up to 180 degrees of tilt
  • No pins or bushes to wear out

SmartFlow Coupler

Fully Hydraulic Coupling System SmartFlow

The fully hydraulic quick coupling system SmartFlow turns the exchange of attachments into a very easy, safe and fast game. The driver changes the attachments including hydraulic connections by simply pushing a button in the drivers cabin. Because of the separate locking of the valve blocks, there are no forces transferred to the quick coupler, guaranteeing durability.

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NOX Tiltrotator

Turn efficiency in your direction!

With our Tiltrotator, your attachments can be rotated by 360° continuously and tilted by 50° to both sides. Therefore, the efficiency of your machine will be increased dramatically as time and resources will be saved.

Combined with a quick change system and various attachments this will create the highest efficiency at any construction site. With using the NOX Tiltrotator, you are not only reducing the need for repositioning your excavator and thus sparing the ground from damage (especially when it comes to landscaping tasks), but you will also speed up your work.

NOX Tilt Torque

A tiltrotator with cylinders only provides a limited tilt angle and has no constant tilt torque.
360° continuous rotation and 2 x 50° tilt angle turn your machine into a multi-functional all-rounder, increasing the flexibility and efficiency of all your attachments.

The cylinderless, extremely flat drive provides for a very low height as well as a narrow width. An elliptic piston generates a high and constant tilt torque thanks to its single gearing. The robust cast housing features a high stability due to a special material alloy, guaranteeing a long life even under the toughest conditions. The extremely rugged and strong drive for difficult tasks has a proper greasing and is thus low-maintenance.

NOX Holding Torque

A tiltrotator with cylinders only provides a limited tilt angle and has no constant tilt torque.
The NOX Tiltrotators are equipped with counter-balance valves, providing firm load holding in the desired position.
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