Designing and building earthmoving attachments that eclipse the competition since 1984.

Norm Engineering Skid Steer Attachments

Since 1984 Norm Engineering has designed and built earthmoving attachments for skid steer loaders that eclipse the competition.

Our new 4 in 1 Bucket with greasable pivot points and superior performance, positions Norm as the industry innovator. Norm Engineering sets the new benchmark in the earthmoving attachment industry, with stronger materials, engineered for a longer life and enhanced reliability.

With a significant investment in R&D and a continual improvement process, Norm Engineering is the specialist attachment manufacturer in Australia.

4 in 1 Buckets

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The Norm Engineering 4 in 1 bucket has been designed to scoop and carry soil, the wide opening jaws allow easy dumping or can be used for clamping logs etc.; the edges of the bucket are used to level or backfill dirt.
The Norm Engineering bucket has an extra heavy-duty flat floor which makes it stronger, easier to fill and empty, in comparison to the conventional hip floor design. Using the hydraulically operated pivot section the jaws are opened wide for effortless dumping. Serrated edges have been added to the jaws enabling a stronger grip when clamping logs, rocks or debris. The back edge of the bucket is used as a dozer to level, or it can be used together with the middle blade to backfill; the front edge is used to trim, cut or scoop. Reversible bolt on edges can be added to extend the life of the bucket



4 in 1 Tilt Bucket

The best Bucket Tilt control system available in the industry. The Tilting 4 in 1 utilises our industry leading 4 in 1 Bucket design with a tilting rear pickup.
The low maintenance and high strength design of the tilt control system coupled with a simple 12 volt solenoid operation puts this 4 in 1 light years ahead of the pack. This gives the operator full radial control of the cutting angle.
The unique design means it is possible to continuously vary the cutting edge relative to the inclination of the loaders front wheels. This is particularly useful when working on an incline whilst trying to perform a straight cut.

4 in 1 Loader style

The newly designed Loader Style 4 in 1 Bucket features elements to make them stronger and therefore last longer than the already proven 4 in 1 Bucket.

  • Designed to allow a wider opening
  • Designed to allow increased strength in the pivot area
  • Optional Bolt on Edges and Fold Over Forks
  • Available with the Norm Tilt control system as an option

4 in 1 Loader style Pro Series

Award Winning Bucket.

With an increasing demand for the ultimate 4in1 bucket for large machines, Norm Engineering’s Research and Development team were put to the test. Based on proven results for the Australian made Norm Engineering 4in1 Loader Style Bucket, it was obvious that this bucket could be taken to the next level; by extending the floor, increasing the side heights, and adding a higher load guard the capacity was increased dramatically.
A heavy duty 20mm flat floor was introduced for additional strength. The design incorporates wide opening jaws for easy discharge; and transforms the bucket into a dozer blade. The serrated edges on the jaws provide a strong grip for picking up logs, rocks, and debris.

Pin Eye Style Pallet Forks

The pin eye style pallet fork system has a backing plate with a round bar incorporated into the design. The tynes are placed onto the bar, once the bar has been secured with bolts, the tynes can move up and down, or sideways.
The tynes can be slid across the bar to alter the distance apart, allowing you to choose a suitable width depending on your load requirements.

The tynes move independently making them ideal for undulating surfaces.

Carriage Style Pallet Forks

The carriage style pallet fork system has a backing plate with a notched bar incorporated into the design. The notches allow the tynes to lock into a fixed position before being secured with a clip.
The tynes can be slid along the bar sideways to determine the correct width required. Unlike the pin-eye style pallet forks, the carriage style pallet forks are unable to move up and down.
The Fixed tynes are best suited to flat surfaces.



Pallet fork and hay spear combination.
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Angle Broom

The Norm Engineering angle broom is ideal for sweeping roadsides, sidewalks, factories, industrial areas, macadamia farms and for moving debris. The angled broom is able to reach more difficult areas than the traditional brooms.
From inside the cab, the operator can adjust the angle of the broom depending on the task requirement.
The 25° angle, either left or right, allows you to sweep dirt or debris off to the side.
Standard sizes available – 1600mm, 1800mm, 2100mm & 2500mm (Custom sizes on request)

4 in 1 Broom

Norm Engineering’s innovative idea of a 4-in-1 broom incorporates both a 4-in-1 bucket and an open broom in one attachment, the option of adding a hood cover transforms this attachment into an enclosed broom.

The 4-in-1 broom transforms into 3 attachments:

  • Open Broom
  • Enclosed Broom
  • 4-in-1 Bucket

Australian made and manufactured, the 4-in-1 broom is designed with 3 x replaceable bolt on edges and a 20mm Bisalloy floor to extend the life of the attachment. This versatile attachment:

  • Comes in 3 sizes – 1600, 1800 and 2100mm (Custom sizes available on request)
  • Has a choice of poly or poly wire brush
  • Can have the motor and hoses fitted on either side depending on the individual skid steer requirement

Open Mouth Broom

The Norm Engineering Open Broom is supplied with a one piece poly brush which is used to sweep the debris into the bucket section; a hinge system then allows the debris to be easily dumped by merely lifting the bucket/broom and dumping.
The Norm Engineering’s Open Broom has unique brush adjusters allowing you to adjust the height of the brush as it wears down, giving your brush a longer life-span. The Open Brush has the ability to clean close to the edges of gutters etc. and the optional gutter brush attachment is used to clean pot holes and other hard to reach areas.
The Norm Engineering Open Broom is ideally suited to Asphalt Contractors for sweeping roads, parking lots, large asphalt areas and general clean up.

Enclosed Broom

Norm Engineering’s Enclosed Broom has a one piece poly brush which is used to sweep the debris into the bucket section; by lifting the bucket/broom the hinge automatically opens allowing the debris to be easily dumped. Simple, easy and effective.
  • Easily adjustable
  • Reversible Bolt on Edge
  • Simple brush replacement
  • Optional gutter brush now available
  • Low maintenance design
  • Easy change rubber dust suppression skirts
  • Available to suit Mini Loaders, Skid Steers, Backhoes and Telehandler style machines


Angle Tilt Dozer Blades

Stick Rakes

Dozer Blade Stick Rakes

Silage Grabs

Hay Bale Grabs

Stump Buckets

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