Specialist manufacturer of forestry excavator attachments.

Vosch Forestry Attachments

Heavy duty sorting grapples and grapple saws for all tree work tasks.

Today when it comes to tree handling tasks, contractors in civil works and vegetation management are exploring increased safety and efficiency benefits beyond the scope of typical fixed or rotating grabs. In many cases these can be achieved without the need to delve into forestry-specific felling or harvesting heads. 

Vosch grapples fit neatly into this category of forest-duty excavator grapples, and are exceptionally robust thanks to the use of the highest quality steel and design origins in demolition. A heavy duty 360 degree rotation turntable with up to four rotation motors provides high torque and precision handling at any angle. Flexibility is afforded by quick hitch attachment, freeing the machine up for use with other work tools if required.

Vosch Rotating Grapple

The heavy duty positioned mount rotating grapple for all timber handling applications, equipped with 3/4″ saw unit.

Grapple Options

4 Motors

The standard versions of our grapples are extendable with extra rotation motors. The HD versions all have 4 HD motors and a HD turn table.

Detachable Saw (.404 pitch)

Designed to extend the use of primarily a sorting grapple to a grapple saw function and back. This unit can be mounted/unmounted in minutes due to a quick coupler fastening. Suitable for incidental saw jobs and only available for 1600-7T.

Fixed HD Saw (.404 and 3/4")

These HD saw units are designed for continues use as a grapple saw. With a motor displacements of 30 cc and a heavy duty saw casing. All hydraulic drive parts are placed on the grapple side, which results in a low cutting edge, harvester heads alike. These units have low speed but very high torque.
HD VERSIONS1600-7T HD1900-7T HD 2000-7T HD 2200-7T HD
Carrier (tons)10-1617-2121-2628-40
Weight (kg)660102512301990
Operating pressure grab (bar)300350350350
Operating pressure rotate (bar)140-210190-210190-210190-210
Oil Grab (l/min)40100120170
Oil Rotate (l/min)40506075
Width (mm)7608209201250
Opening max (mm)1520200020602300
Opening min (mm)Ø50Ø80Ø110Ø130
Closing force (kn)27355273
Rotation motors4 4 4 4
Grapple cylinderSingleSingleDoubleDouble

Saw Units

Fixed HD Saw Unit 3/4″ Pitch

 Technical Data 3/4″ HD
Weight (kg)205 / 190
Pressure (bar)250
Oil connectionP -> T + leak
Oil flow (L/min)160
Motor displacement (cc)30

Fixed HD Saw Unit 3/4" Pitch

 Technical Data .404 HD
Weight (kg)130
Pressure (bar)250
Oil connectionP -> T + leak
Oil flow (L/min)120-160
Motor displacement (cc)19

Detachable Saw Unit .404 Pitch

Technical Data .404
Weight (kg)160
Pressure (bar)200-220
Oil connectionP -> T + leak
Oil flow (L/min)80-100
Motor displacement (cc)11
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